Know Our Story


Our Vision

To ensure accessible and affordable quality healthcare by compassionate medical professionals to all. To be the center of excellence for medical research and academics. To cultivate an environment of trust, honesty, mutual respect, equality & ethics.


Our Mission

To give patient and his family a clear advantage to win their war against disease by creating the best infrastructure, technology, and support. To put the patient first and foremost and be futuristic and innovative in the delivery of healthcare.


Our core value

To provide value added innovative, consistent and continuously improving health and medical care to sustain and further improve clinical outcomes, patient safety & patient satisfaction. To evolve as a benchmark in quality healthcare available to one and all.

Welcome to Life Line Hospital

About Us

At Life Line Hospital, you receive healthcare comparable to the finest in the world. We are a multi-specialty tertiary care hospital built as per global standards. Life Line Hospital is a hospital with various specialties. This is our way of putting patients and visitors at ease and showing that healthcare can be cheerful yet caring and professional yet friendly.

However, we realize that though a good infrastructure and ambiance helps ease the nerves and makes our patients and their families more comfortable, a hospital needs much more than that. Life Line Hospital has some of the best medical technology available anywhere on the globe along with a great team of doctors and support staff. There is more to us than the obvious.

Outstanding Facilities and Services

At Life Line Hospital we are committed to providing facilities of global standards to our patients. Our facilities have been designed by international experts to meet the highest international standards of effective medical flows, patient safety, healing and comfort.

We provides highly skilled critical care for patients requiring a greater level of monitoring. ICU is staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses who specialise in caring for critically illpatients. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Lifiline Hospital is well equipped with world class ventilators, Touch Screen Monitor (Modular System), HR,NIBP, IBP, C.O, CVP (pressure Monitoring), ETCO2, (Main Stream), Respiratory Rate, Vitals, Charting with time date, and Name on printer. Additionally ICU Unit has Defibrillators, ECG, Bedside Ultrasound and Bedside ECHO facility.

Value & Relationship

Life Line Hospital is unique in today’s corporatized healthcare environment. The values embedded in our DNA ensure that everyone can count on the highest standards of values and a long-term orientation towards relationships.

Lifeline Hospital has provides immediate treatment for emergency cases 24 hours and has expertise in Trauma Management with an expert team of physicians & surgeons. It has the facilities of 30 beds, Treatment Room, Minor & Major OT Complex with all necessary equipments for handling emergency It has 24 hours Ambulance Service with facility of Cardiac Ambulance to transfer critical patients.