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At Lifeline, the Best Multispeciality Hospital In Bareilly, you will instantly discover that you are so much more than just a patient.

Right from the way we have designed our patient rooms to the way we serve you, we have left no stone unturned, ensuring that both, your medical and personal needs are placed above everything else.

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What Our Patients Say

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Our Medical Specialists

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Dr. Satish Kumar

M.B.B.S. , M.S. , M.CH (Neurosurgery) Brain & Spine Surgery Specialist

Dr. Anshu Sinha

M.B.B.S. , D.C.P. (Pathologist) Clinical Pathologist

Dr. R.P. Singh

M.B.B.S. , M.S. (Goldmedalist), DNB (Orthopedic Surgeon)

Dr. Sarita Sharma

M.B.B.S. , D.G.O. (Gynecologist)

Lifeline Hospital Patient Testimonials

Lifeline Hospital is the best Multispecialty hospital in Uttar Pradesh. With over 200+ doctors with expertise across the healthcare sector, Lifeline Hospital has existed for over 11 years as the leading multi-specialty hospital in Bareilly. With over 35 specialties, Lifeline Hospital is located and has been holding its position as the best hospital in Uttar Pradesh from the time of its existence.

We have an array of health check-ups ranging from women’s health, and senior citizens to specific health check-ups including diabetes, blood pressure, and others.

Supported by the well-known Japanese healthcare systems, Lifeline Hospital is the first among many to bring both Indian and Japanese healthcare technologies under one roof. With a 350-bed capability under our roof, our hospital boasts state-of-the-art facilities and medical technologies that are of high standards as per medical requirements.

We strive for excellence at Lifeline Hospital and our aim to provide the most comprehensive medical care has been successful across our varied range of medical services in different fields, especially inneurosciences, bone and joint, hepatobiliary sciences, renal sciences, and women and child care.

Technology and innovations come together at Lifeline Hospital to provide the best healthcare service to Uttar Pradesh. We are committed to helping our patients by providing them with the highest level of care and compassion through our expert doctors, during your visit, and stay before and after as well. Patient care and quality service are our mottos we uphold proudly.

With a multidisciplinary team approach and multiple centers of excellence, including, Cardiac Sciences, Obstetrics and gynecology, Digestive and HPB Sciences, Renal Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences, Pediatrics, Pediatric Superspeciality, Aesthetic Surgery, etc. Sakra is not only known for providing healthcare services par excellence but is also dedicated to enabling positive results through advanced treatments.dly.

At Lifeline, we have round-the-clock emergency care services like ambulances, first responder bikes for crucial medical support, and the availability of a panel of expert specialist doctors and staff who are well-trained to handle emergency cases like critically ill or injured patients with utmost care. International patient services by Sakra has access to accommodation facilities for Semi-Private rooms, Private rooms, Deluxe Suite, etc with amenities – 2-bedded & 3-bedded spacious room, Flat screen tv, AC, Telephone, Couch next to each bed for companion comfort, Towel & bedsheets, Wardrobe, and good storage area, F&B services, visitor’s chairs, 24 hours nurses on duty and shared & attached bathroom, Special housekeeping facilities, etc provided based on the accommodation type.

Lifeline is offering Health Package services such as Executive health package, Comprehensive health package, Gold Health Package, Platinum Health Package and Preventive Health Package. We provide customized health checkup packages for people of all age groups at a reasonable cost.

With a patient-centric approach, our team will go the extra mile to support patients with advanced treatment technology, clinical expertise, rehabilitation center, and emergency and trauma center.

Lifeline Hospital is one of the well-renowned healthcare service providers committed to providing the highest quality medical care, comfort, and patient safety.