Acoustic Schwanoma

CPA Meningioma

Brain Tumor (CPA Meningioma)

Hydrocephalous (1 day old)

Head & Facial Injury

ANT Cervical Fixation

C-6 Corpectomy with CX Fixation with Cagg with Plate

Thoracic Spinal Injury

Wedge Collapse D - 12

D–12 Collapse with cord compression

Lumbosacral Meningomyelocoele

Spinal Tumor


Cranio Plasty

Bone Cement

Under C – Arm Guidance

Orthopedic Surgery

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Abdominal Surgery

Gynae Surgery

General Surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery


Slip Disc L5 - S1

Pott’s Spine

Endoscopic Spinal Surgery

Slip Disc

Endoscopic Surgury ICH

Lumbosacral Meningomyelocoele